Leda Daniel is a celebrated New Zealand artist whose artwork has evolved over time, from realistic portraits and landscapes to abstract resin, and now back to abstract resin with elements of realism. Her artwork has caught the attention of private and commercial collectors worldwide, including the USA, Israel, UK, Australia, Russia, New Zealand, and her home country of Argentina.

Leda's artistic journey started at the University of Fine Arts of La Plata, Buenos Aires, where she graduated and honed her skills in the craft. In 1990, she moved to New Zealand to be with her husband and raise their three children on a farm northwest of Auckland. Leda has always found her inspiration in the wonders of nature, which is evident in her work.

It was eight years ago that Leda discovered fluid art and resin, which transformed her artwork and career. "I love the versatility of this media, because it allows me to add many different objects to my art and, of course, embed glitter, which is my favorite color," Leda says. Since then, Leda's abstract resin artworks have gained massive popularity with her audience, and most of her pieces sell within a few days of being posted on social media.

Leda's art is breathtaking, colorful, and full of joy. She uses genuine crystals, such as crystal quartz, amethyst, spirit quartz, citrine, pearls, and shells found on her walks to the beach, in her crystal artworks that are harmonic and peaceful, sparking conversations within the audience. She also recycles her old bits of resin into new works, demonstrating her commitment to sustainability.

In 2020, during the pandemic, Leda's career skyrocketed when her range of homewares and smaller artworks began selling faster than they could be made. Her current artworks, in 2023, are a blend of abstract and realistic elements, including portraits and more. Leda is experimenting with incorporating techniques she learned in the past, including her university training, with the experience she gained over the last eight years with her abstract artwork.

Leda has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions, receiving several accolades for her work. Her artwork is held in collections around the world, from New York to Israel, UK, Australia, Argentina, and New Zealand, her new home. She enjoys doing commissioned work because it gives her the opportunity to create something special and unique for her clients.

You can view Leda's artwork on her website and social media accounts, linked below. Her artwork is a must-see for those who appreciate art that is vibrant, engaging, and inspired by the beauty of nature.

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