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'Oceania' - Leda Daniel Art Studio
'Oceania' - Leda Daniel Art Studio
'Oceania' - Leda Daniel Art Studio
'Oceania' - Leda Daniel Art Studio
'Oceania' - Leda Daniel Art Studio


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This item has been sold to a private buyer in New Zealand.

If you would like a similar piece commissioned, feel free to get in contact with me here or on Facebook.

Designed for the main saloon of a super yacht, this elegant and sophisticated painting is inspired by the islands of the Pacific. 

Surrounding its quartz studded core, the teal and green waves seem to be crashing against the rocky islands and coral shimmering reefs. The piece also features a crystal quartz cluster and a deep blue pool at its heart.

Quartz is the most powerful healing stone of the mineral kingdom, know as the stone of power, energy and protection against negativity.


  • 24K Gold leaf line around the whole center
  • Genuine crystal quartz
  • Swarovski crystals
  • Glass phthalo green
  • Black and white resin pigments
  • Multiple gold and bronze resin pigments


  • Size: 80cm in diameter